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Benefits of NSQ

To Company

i. NSQ assure quality and performance – links national standards to operations of companies

ii. Helps you aim for quality awards

iii. Gives greater confidence in management

iv. Demonstrates compliance with legislation

v. Increases productivity and efficiency

vi. Help retain staff longer – saving on recruitment costs

vii. Cost effective way to train staff 

viii. Increases profits

ix. Aid to wining contracts

x. Help employer to recruit people with the required competencies

xi. Provides proof that employee can work to industry standards in a particular job, role or disciple

xii. It shows customers that an employer has competent workforce who can provide quality product/service

xiii. Can help to structure on-the-job training

xiv. Can help to reduce accidents as NSQs cover health and safety practices on the job


To Individuals

i. Installs confidence in their abilities

ii. Gives a sense of motivation and achievement

iii. Gives a recognised qualification for existing skills without having to attend College

iv. Provides evidence of competency in a skill base, which could attract promotion or greater responsibility

v. Recognized by employers as measure of skills and abilities (competence).

vi. Allows him/her to be assessed at work while doing the job.

vii. NSQ are completed at a pace to suit each individual

viii. The training is highly flexible, one can choose to do a full NSQ or just Units of it and get certified for the areas covered.

ix. If she/he changes job, the NSQ can still be used on another job requiring the same competences.


To the Nation

i. Improve the economy through well trained workforce

ii. Help to reduce unemployment

iii. Helps in providing trained workforce for export

iv. Provide quality products and services which are competitive in the market

Employees with NSQs are better motivated, more loyal, reliable and adaptable.