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For New Institution Requesting Approval for Establishment

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For new institutions seeking approval for establishment, the following step-by-step guide is provided:

1. Document Preparation: Ensure you have soft copies of the following essential documents:

i. CAC Certificates

ii. Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) for the proposed institution or Approved Land title documents (Polytechnic 10hectares, Monotechnic 5hectares) 

iii. Bank Guarantee (Polytechnic N100million, Monotechnics N25million)

iv. Master Plan

v. Academic Plan


vi. Needs Survey


2. Application Submission: Upon approval of your application, log in with the provided details the system will send to you to initiate the application process. 

3. Document Upload: Upload the required documents as part of the application process.

4. Estimation for Physical Inspection: Expect an estimate for the physical inspection of your proposed temporary and permanent sites, which will be accessible under the Payments tab.

5. Payment Confirmation: Confirm the payment associated with the inspection.

6. Visit Scheduling: Following the confirmation of payment, a visit to your proposed sites will be scheduled.

7. Successful Visit Notification: Upon the successful completion of the visit, you will be notified of the outcome.

8. Initiation of New Programmes: Once the response to 8 is positive, proceed to the NBTE website's digitalization menu and utilize the "mount new programs" sub-menu tab for steps to initiate a request for the mounting of new programs which will be done on the digital portal.

(Use the mount new programmes sub menu tab under digitalisation menu in the nbte website) or click here

For further clarification, please contact us via WhatsApp at: +234 706 650 9565