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For Existing Programmes with Expired Accreditation

NBTE will send estimates for the accreditation of new programmes 6months before expiration to enable you begin preparation. Click here to login and begin the process.

Process for Applying for Renewal Programmes with Expired Accreditation (Re-Accreditation)

In the renewal process for existing programs with expired accreditation, institutions are advised to follow the outlined steps:

1. Preparation Phase: Six months prior to the expiration of accreditation, NBTE will dispatch estimates for the accreditation renewal of existing programs, providing ample time for preparation.

2. Estimate Accessibility: View the provided estimates on the Payments Tab for a comprehensive understanding of the associated costs.

3. Payment Submission: Initiate the payment for the accreditation renewal and submit evidence of the transaction to NBTE.

4. Access to eSSQ: Following the confirmation of payment, institutions will gain access to the Electronic Self-Study Questionnaire (eSSQ) for the respective program.

5. eSSQ Completion: Utilize the eSSQ to diligently complete the necessary information for the renewal of the expired program(s).

6. Verification of Completed eSSQ: Verify the completed eSSQ to ensure accuracy and completeness.

7. Submission to NBTE: Submit the verified eSSQ to NBTE for evaluation.

8. Scheduling of Physical Verification Visit: NBTE will schedule a date for a physical verification visit after evaluating the submitted eSSQ.

9. Approval and Accreditation Status Update: Upon successful completion of the physical verification visit and approval, the status of the expired program will be automatically updated to reflect the new accreditation status.

Institutions are encouraged to adhere to these steps to seamlessly transition from an expired accreditation status to a renewed and approved standing.


For further clarification, please contact us via WhatsApp at: +234 706 650 9565