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NBTE Signs MoU With ERYK to Implement the NYSE Programme II

MoU with ERYK

Following the approval of the Concept Note on the Nigerian Youth Skills Empowerment Programme (NYSE), the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Eryk Group on youths’ apprenticeship training in Europe, under the Nigerian Youth Skills Empowerment II (NYSE-2) programme. 

The signing of the MoU was a follow-up of a meeting between the Executive Secretary, Prof. Idris M. Bugaje and the President of Eryk Consulting Mr Jens-Chritian Moller in Abuja. 


The programme which is aimed at facilitating technology transfer from Europe to Nigeria through skills development whereby Youths will be trained and given opportunity to work in Industries will impact knowledge and experiences gained during their stay in Europe on return to Nigeria. These skills and high standard of practice obtained from European Industries will create improved practices in Nigerian industries. 


The training would be delivered through partnership with various polytechnics in the country. Eryk Group is an international technical service provider that offers electrical and mechanical assembly, installation and commissioning services worldwide. Qualified students or trainees with National Diplomas in Electrical (Electro technical) and related areas, will be selected based on Eryk’s selection criteria.


The Board has already requested institutions to shortlist eligible in line with NYSE programme as approved by the Federal Government. The NBTE would perform pre-screening of the applications and guarantee credibility of all candidates’ profile and relevant documents. The pre-screened applications will be forwarded to ERYK through its recruitment consultant in Nigeria who will organize a competency tests and interviews for the pre-selected candidates. ERYK group would take care of the financial and other responsibilities during the participants’ stay in Europe and they would undergo hands-on practical training on ERYK’s live projects within Europe, based on the NBTE’s Nigerian Youth Skills Empowerment model. On completion of the training, the beneficiaries would become European Certified Electricians with relevant work experience under ERYK. In line with ERYK’s long-term goal, the graduates of the apprenticeship programme shall have the liberty to return to Nigeria to positively impact society through Knowledge transfer. The goal is for the trained, skilled, experienced and internationally certified electricians to reside in Nigeria and continue to provide electrical installation services across Europe and other parts of the world.