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Guidelines for Approval to Commence the Open Distance and Flexible e-Learning Programme (ODFeL) in TVET Institutions

Expression of Interest Letter: Institutions should write a Letter of Expression of Interest for the Open Distance and Flexible e-Learning Programme (ODFeL), addressed to the Executive Secretary, NBTE.


Audit Inspection: A team consisting of two (2) NBTE staff members and a Resource Person will conduct an audit inspection of facilities. During the visit, the following will be checked:

i. A robust Learning Management System (LMS)

ii. Active e-Library subscription

iii. High Speed Internet bandwidth

iv. Availability of functional computers

v. Availability of a dedicated ODFeL Center headed by a Director, etc.

Program Accreditation: The applied-for program must have full accreditation (expired programs will NOT be considered).


Train-the-Trainer: The team will also be involved in a Train-the-Trainer exercise for the Deans and Heads of Departments of the institution. 

Documentation: The institution will receive the (DRAFT) National TVET Procedures Manual and (DRAFT) National TVET Policy and Strategy on the Open Distance and Flexible e-Learning Programme (ODFeL).

Implementation: Upon approval of the audit report, the institution shall commence the implementation of the Open Distance and Flexible e-Learning (ODFeL) Programme. If deficiencies are found, the program may be denied approval.